Generally the job seekers to know more details about the employment opportunities.

90% of job seekers do not get proper jobs and will not reach their goals. Initially, the job seekers know about their education and its employment opportunities at past & present & future. All job seekers understand about past and present and future employment opportunities' conditions of your Town, District, State, National & World levels. The world level employment opportunities are going to Automation Technology oriented employments. So, more manpower is not necessary in future. Please understand present and future employment situations. Generally jobs are available under Four categories; First is  Research and Design, Second is Production / Manufacturing, Third is Sales & Marketing and Fourth is Servicing & Maintenance.

In Research & Design, Production / Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing and Service & Maintenance Institutions are having five level Job opportunities.

 (1)Lower level 
 (2)Middle level 
 (3)Senior level 
 (4)Super Senior level
 (5)Management/Administration levels

     (1) Lower level Jobs : 70% of job opportunities available for 8th, 10th, +2, ITI, Diploma & Degree passed/failed candidates

     (2) Middle level Jobs : 15% of job opportunities avalable for ITI, Diploma & Degree Passed with 5 to 10 years experiencd candidates. 

     (3) Senior level Jobs : 10% of job opportunities available for Diploma & Degree passed with 10 to 20 years experienced candidates. 

     (4) Super Senior Level Jobs : 3% of job opportunities available for Degree or Master Degree with Good Management & Administration & Legal Experienced, Subject & Social Knowledge, Talented, Strange, Boldness, Capacity, Reliable, Hopefull and More Time Working Capacity candidates. 

     (5) Management/Administration level Jobs : 2% of job opportunities available for Company Owners/Partners/Directors/Friends/Relatives/Important candidates.

If you like/decide to join professional or Job Guarantee Courses at present or in future, Please consulting with a Good & Genuine Consultant of Educational & Employment to get Good & Perfect & Genuine Solutions. Please avoid to study unemployment professional courses. Don't waste your money and time to study unemployment professional courses or Education.

                                                                                                         THANK GOD